Frequently Asked Questions



The weight really all depends on what size the hut is and also what is inside – but they can be anything from one ton up to five tons generally.

Why should we choose a steel chassis?

Our chassis are engineered to a very high standard by our in-house fabricator Roy. With over 40 years industry experience, rest assure your chassis will be one of the best in the country. We use 50mm and 100m box section for all our huts depending on size. Our wheels are six spoke steel wheels with 100m tread these come with their own grease nipple on each wheel making maintenance and movement very easy. They have a fully workable turntable also with a grease nipple and detachable drawbar with ball hitch. The reason we use steel chassis to accompany our 20-year structural guarantee. As the timber made chassis are likely to split and erode after time. Plus they look great!

Are your huts insulated?

All our huts are fully insulated from floor to ceiling. We use kingspan in the floor and earth wool in the walls and ceiling. We can also use sheep’s wool upon request.

Will my hut be too warm in the summer if it is steel cladded?

The simple answer is No! The inside will be perfectly normal due to the insulation used as it keeps it nice and snug in the winter and keeps it cool in the summer months, the outside however does get very hot.

Do we need any special base for the hut to sit on?

You can sit the hut on normal slabs. We can let you know the distance between the wheels so you can get this ready before the hut arrives; some customers have placed a concrete slab sunk into the ground or even railway sleepers. Depending on the condition of the ground, you can always just leave it directly on the ground.

Can you move the hut once we have installed it?

We supply a detachable drawbar with a turntable underneath so that you can move your hut and re-position it if required. All you need is a vehicle with a ball hitch. You can use a large quad bike for a smaller hut or most four-wheel drives for larger ones.

Do we need planning permission?

When it comes to planning permission on your hut it all depends on what you are going to do with it, if you are using it in your own private garden for personal use then chances are you will not need planning permission. If you are wanting to use it for commercial use ie business/glamping it is more likely that you will need planning permission whether this is a change of use of land or planning permission for the hut itself. We advise you to contact your local authority as rules vary from county to county. There is no categorical yes or no answer as shepherd huts can be used for both private and commercial use. This all depends on individual circumstances.


  • We are a dedicated, family run, friendly and reliable business
  • Everything is lovingly handcrafted
  • We offer a three stage payment plan
  • Choice of interior & exterior colours
  • Locally sourced materials and in some cases re-claimed materials
  • Complimentary hamper of Lincolnshire products on delivery
  • We are extremely competitive on price
  • Fully bespoke and designed to your specification and requirements
  • Transport quotes and management
  • Endless possibilities from home office and business up to spare bedroom

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